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OSMOSIS Pur Medical Skincare

Osmosis Skincare is dedicated to fostering and maintaining health through a combination of holistic and innovative products that address common problems on a cellular level. Think of it as skin food. With a unique formulation which uses the smallest available molecule capable of penetrating beyond the epidermis and feeding the dermal layer with rich vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, your skin care regimen is now taken to a whole new level. Once you have caringly prepared your lovely canvas, using Osmosis and Color makeup allows you to continue feeding your skin, creating a flawless look. With an extensive array of foundations and color options, your perfect look is only a brush stroke away.


The natural skin care products created by the dedicated team at Dr. Hauschka are based on a clear understanding of how skin works from the inside and out. The skin is our largest organ and it is constantly regenerating itself based on the body’s internal activity and external environmental influences.

Whatever the condition of your skin today, Dr. Hauschka has a range of natural skin care products that can help you achieve the complexion you long for. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care supports the skin’s natural processes of cleansing and regeneration to transform skin to a healthy, radiant state. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care all natural skin care products deliver the vitality of the highest-quality biodynamic, organic and wild-harvested plant ingredients directly to the skin.

Dr. Hauschka natural skin care respects the skin's natural rhythms, working with these processes to restore balance and bring about lasting beauty.

Dr. Hauschka natural skin care respects the skin's natural rhythms, working with these processes to restore balance and bring about lasting beauty.


Unlike any you've ever used. Known as “Magic Soap”, Dr. Bronner brings over 150 years of soap making experience to their luxurious bath and body care products. A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that cleans effectively without stripping away our skins natural oil, and produces a velvety-lather that leaves the skin and hair silky-smooth and refreshed.

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When it comes to managing stress, indulging with quality bath products can help get you there.  Especially these days, as headlines are filled with more stressful events than we’d care to hear about, breaking out the bubbles or the epsom salts, does wonders to soothe frazzled minds. Relaxing with your favourite bath products, while it won’t undo the madness, helps us de-stress.

Season’s @ Integrated Health Clinic carries some of the best feel-good bath products designed to calm minds, raise spirits and help renew inner strength. So, get that bath water going, turn off the TV and bring on the calm.

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As our largest organ, our skin plays an important role in controlling what enters and exits our body. Weather, environmental pollution, digestive troubles, auto-immune disease can all have adverse effects on how our skin looks and feels. Dry and scaly is sometimes a function of cold weather or dehydration, whereas oily or congestion could be a sign of hormonal changes, stress or overuse of incorrect products. With the support of your naturopath to help balance what is happening internally and the use of proper naturally emollient topical creams and lotions, a healthy glowing skin is achievable.

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