Our children deserve the best possible start in life. At Season’s you will find a large selection of supplements and products to meet the needs of your child; infants to adolescents. We carry a range of multivitamins, omegas, immune and digestive support and more, offering Naturopath approved, high quality supplements to ensure a happy, healthy child.

As children develop their taste buds for new food, it can sometimes be challenging to ensure all the nutrient rich foods are finding their way from the plate to the belly. Your doctor may recommend a daily multivitamin or mineral supplement for your child in order to help support specific nutritional needs of growing babies. Chronic medical conditions such as asthma or digestive problems, particularly active kids who play physically demanding sports, kids on a vegetarian diet, a dairy-free diet or other restricted diets are all part of the pediatric care we aim to provide.

Love Child Organics; a company who is dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of your child offers up a great choice as either a puree meal or a nutritious toddler snack. Remember to be kind to your baby’s bottom. “Seventh Generation Diapers”; a bottom-loving, baby-pleasing performing diaper that have no fragrances, inks, petroleum-based lotions or chlorine processing are also available at Season’s.


From birth through the formative years, providing healthy nutritional options to our children is key to their physical and mental development. Introducing organically grown fruit and vegetable purees as meals or snacks helps to ensure that we are protecting growing bodies from any harsh chemicals that are all too often part of the food chain. Developing good eating habits at a young age can significantly reduce the occurrence of childhood obesity, sadly the fastest growing childhood disease. As their parents it is our responsibility to make healthy food choices for our children.

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As toddlers and children develop their taste buds, the challenge of ensuring a balanced diet can often be frustrating. Finding the right supplement to fill in the gaps can ensure the building blocks are complete. From omegas to vitamins and minerals, probiotics and immune support, adding professional brand supplements to a whole food diet will help ensure growing bodies and brains have all the nutrients they need. And when troubles arise, and they will, knowing there are natural options to help with digestive discomfort, colds and flus, or cuts and scrapes is all part of what we do at Season’s.

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Many parents are very aware that everything that comes into contact with their child’s skin can also have an effect on their health. A baby with a diaper rash, or teething pain can really make parents wish for a miracle cure. Think prevention first. Using natural diapers and wipes with no harsh chemicals or colorants can help reduce the instance of skin irritations. Natural healing salves and creams will gently ease the discomfort from diaper rash or itchy bumps. Even amber necklaces have shown great results in helping with teething pain, boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation. Parents have options when it comes to the care of their children and we will gladly share our knowledge with you.

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