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Cancer patients have very particular needs as they manage the challenges of treatment, diet and quality of life.  Our objective at Season's is to support those patients by providing specialized professional cancer care products with targeted application to address individual needs.  The categories below identify some of the primary areas of focus and we hope that we are able to provide a level of understanding regarding product application in those areas.


Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels. Because tumours need blood vessels to grow and spread, angiogenesis plays a critical role in the proliferation of cancer. Angiogenesis inhibitors are intended to prevent the formation of new blood vessels, thereby stopping or slowing the growth or spread of tumours. Understanding the mechanisms of angiogenesis and introducing a targeted natural supplement that can interfere with the cancer induced signals that stimulate angiogenesis can form an integral part of a cancer care therapy. These supplements, under the direction of the Naturopathic Doctors, are available at Season’s.

To learn more about Angiogenesis please refer to this tremendous presentation by Dr. William Li on TED Talks:

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Inflammation is closely linked to cancer; moreover, chronic inflammation can increase the risk for various cancers, indicating that eliminating inflammation may represent a valid strategy for cancer prevention and integrative therapy. An understanding of the anti-inflammatory properties of certain natural elements, and the educated and targeted use of professional line anti-inflammatory supplements, can contribute to an effective complementary strategy for cancer patients and those interested in preventive measures. Season's @ Integrated Health Clinic can support your needs.

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Cancer patients can suffer from a compromised immune system by virtue of the cancer itself or from the administration of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Immune support can play a vital role in managing the disease, disease side effects and the side effects of treatment protocols. Consequently, supporting your body's natural immune system is pivotal to the success of any cancer treatment program. Through the management of diet and physical activity, and the educated use of natural supplements such as those carried here at Season’s, your body's immune system can be engaged as a primary treatment mechanism in the fight against cancer. Link to more information on the role of immune support in cancer care:

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The integrative support to standard of care chemotherapy and radiotherapy protocols requires:

  • an in-depth understanding of the principles of Naturopathic Co-management of oncology patients undergoing these therapies.
  • an understanding of the pharmacology of common chemotherapy agents and radiotherapy practices, including indications and side effects.
  • the knowledge to recognize potential herb-drug-nutrient interactions with chemotherapy.
  • a commitment to outlining guidelines to prevent interactions.
  • an understanding of naturopathic therapies appropriate to helping manage chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects.

Your naturopathic Doctor provides this knowledge, expertise and experience, Season's @ Integrated Health Clinic provides the products.

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Metabolism is a collection of chemical reactions that take place in the body's cells. Metabolism converts the fuel in the food we eat into energy. These biochemical processes allow us to grow, reproduce, repair damage, and respond to our environment. For most people, this process is naturally quite efficient and allows us to stay active and healthy. In cancer patients, this is not always the case. The conclusion that cancers display an altered cellular metabolism was first recognized almost a century ago, notably in Otto Warburg's description of a switch in glucose metabolism to glycolysis — the Warburg effect. Since then, the role of metabolism in cancer growth and cell survival is an area of growing interest. We have evolved our understanding that certain nutrients and supplements which support particular aspects of metabolic health can play a very important role in cancer treatment and prevention.

Season's @ Integrated Health Clinic offers a range of professional products that will provide the level of metabolic support appropriate to your individual circumstance as recommended by your Naturopathic Doctor.

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It is a recognized fact that diet plays an immense role in cancer prevention and treatment. In fact, many experts believe that more than half of human cancers may be preventable and that diet is a major cancer risk factor that we can actively address. Not all cancer types respond to the same types of dietary changes but one approach that is universally accepted is eating a well-balanced diet. More general information on eating well can be found on the Canadian Cancer Society website

When it comes to cancer type specific and individualized dietary change, it is important to seek professional direction from your Naturopathic Doctor.

Season’s @ Integrated Health Clinic can then provide you with access to the specific food products you need and offer organic juices & smoothies for additional support.

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