Anxiety & Stress Management

Our lives are hectic, our days are filled with personal and professional demands, the pressures life applies can at times feel daunting, we often feel we may be losing control, we occasionally feel immobilized with worry... all of this and more make it critical we gain a better understanding of anxiety and stress, and develop individualized coping mechanisms that work.


Season's @ Integrated Health Clinic offers a selection of products that when used in conjunction with a well rounded lifestyle program, can help in the management of anxiety & stress..

Integrated Health Clinic and its Naturopathic Doctors offer programs aimed at developing a better understanding of your current health condition, and then formulating an individualized strategy for achieving and maintaining a lifestyle in which you are able to manage day-to-day stresses.  Be it chronic anxiety or acute bouts of stress induces anxiety, there are approaches and formulations that can make a difference.

Make some time to understand your triggers and structure a personalized strategy to manage your anxiety & stress. Include in that strategy...

moodRx   A Key part of your journey to...

Anxiety & Stress Management

  • moodRx is formulated by Drs. Parmar at Integrated Health Clinic and is used to address mild to moderate depression, anxiety & stress.
  • moodRx helps to temporarily promote relaxation.
  • moodRx helps to decrease mental fatigue due to life’s daily demands and stresses.
  • moodRx has none of the common side effects typical with current prescription drugs.

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